Contract Negotiations

Whether with a team or company, the short term and long term interests of the client must be considered above all else. Understanding that vital consideration and properly preparing for negotiations are TRUE GRAVITY Baseball's keys to success on behalf of our clients. We actually take the time to understand the circumstances and needs of our client and make that a substantive part of the "at the table" discussions.

Draft Advisement

Unlike most of our competitors, we encourage our advised clients and their families to play an active role in the process of being drafted and pursuing a pro baseball career. This type of opportunity is rare in life and should be recognized as such. As a player, you and your family will fully understand why we advise certain options, why building relationships now (with integrity, honesty and character) is important to both your career and life after pro ball, and how to best prepare yourself for the amateur draft and your career as a professional athlete.

Endorsements and Social Media

The staff at TRUE GRAVITY Baseball has negotiated over 300 endorsement contracts with companies such as Coca Cola, Kellogg's, Canon, Tissot Watch Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers and American Express. As social media becomes a substantial part of personal and corporate marketing strategies, establishing a responsible social media presence has become an essential part of every athlete's life. TRUE GRAVITY Baseball incorporates a specific plan to solidify each player's public perception from day one. This provides a platform for pursuing the right corporate relationships as a professional baseball career progresses.

Taxation and Financial Advisement

Many agents have both taxation and financial services in-house and as part of your overall representation fee. TRUE GRAVITY Baseball does not and will not pursue this practice. Our simple advice is to hire both a tax planner and financial planner that are reputable and effective and with whom you have a level of comfort. We can direct you to professionals who work with our existing clients or you can begin to work with someone who is a trusted professional for you and your family. The choice of how and whom handles your money should be yours -- and yours alone!

Post Career Planning

From the moment your first contract is signed, thought must be given towards your retirement as a pro athlete. While plans may change over a career, it is essential to realize that your playing days will likely come to an end within two decades of signing your first contract. A post-career "career" is almost always a learning process and requires serious and constant thought from a financial and mental standpoint. TRUE GRAVITY Baseball will help facilitate some of the off field "duties" that may help you choose a path post-career and will continually be asking questions about your future plans.